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TeleCare by P&P

TeleCare by P&P allows patients and their caregivers to be connected through technology to deliver high quality, cost effective care that both patient and provider can appreciate. TeleCare is healthcare provided by a team of health care professionals and non-health care individuals and organizations. This care team takes a holistic approach to treat specific condition types and disorders including ADHD, mood disorders, eating disorders, and other behavioral conditions.

Our TeleCare Team can help to overcome geographic barriers that many patients face in obtaining healthcare. The support and assistance patients need is delivered using information and communication technologies. With TeleCare, the use of technology gives physicians the opportunity to offer patients improved care and coordination of their medical needs. In terms of a physician’s workload, TeleCare helps to improve the collection of data, increase the speed and ease of work flow and communications, saving both time and money.

Specializing in specific conditions such as:

  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Mood disorders
  • Eating disorders

And more… P&P has developed partnerships with leading healthcare professionals to deliver support where it’s needed.

TeleCare services go hand-in-hand with P&P's drive to be patient focused and people centric. TeleCare increases the range of treatment options available to patients, allow more patients to be reached despite their geographic locations, and allow medical practices to provide high quality care without a large financial investment.

Patient focused. People centric.