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TeleMedicine by P&P

TeleMedicine makes it possible for any patient to have access to the best of care. TeleMedicine is the remote exchange of data between a patient and their practitioner to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases and conditions. This solution is provided by P&P's team of specialized healthcare professionals. Providers can use TeleMedicine to assist in a number of medical fields including pediatrics, dermatology, neurology, behavioral, and more.

TeleMedicine by P&P is the perfect, virtually travel-free way for your patients to see you. With TeleMedicine, physiological data like temperature, blood pressure, and other vitals can be delivered remotely without the patient ever stepping foot in their doctor's office. This is extremely convenient for patients to have access to physicians without having to wait for long periods of time for an appointment. This added convenience for patients help to reduce the amount of appointment cancellations.

Through TeleMedicine technology, medical practitioners are able to evaluate and diagnose patients remotely, prescribe treatment and medications. TeleMedicine allows for consultations between healthcare professionals and their patients as well as consultations between other healthcare professionals. TeleMedicine includes the use of telephone communications, videoconferencing, and the capturing and sharing of data and images to assess and diagnose a patient's condition. But, most importantly, TeleMedicine gives the patients the care they need, when they need it, continuing P&P's goal to be patient focused and people centric!

Patient focused. People centric.