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P&P Solutions

P&P Medical Solutions aims:

We aim to deliver our healthcare provider services in three different ways -

We aim to provide speciality care providers in the area to allow patients quicker access times to care. We also allow primary care providers and other connected organizations faster referral to mental health providers in the area through our unique healthcare delivery model at our new site and future partnering sites.

We aim to deliver the specialties listed below; We aim to deliver quality of care for patients in the state of Ohio by using 'in person' visits as well as our optional aftercare visits using our Virtual Clinic, with the goal to also in the future to collaborate with other providers by using our 'partnering healthcare delivery model'.

In the areas we focus on in the US and internationally, we aim to provide these specialty care teams/providers and we align our focused specialties with States and Local boards' strategic objectives/goals in mind. Our goal is to increase access to care for patients in these priority areas and P&P Medical aim to deliver these priorities in the most cost effective way and an eye for accessibility for these patients whilst focusing on maintaining and delivering high standards of care.

Patient focused. People centric.