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Our Solutions

TeleMedicine by P&P

TeleMedicine makes it possible for any patient to have access to the best of care. TeleMedicine is the remote exchange of data between a patient and their practitioner to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases and conditions. These services are provided by healthcare professionals and specialists. Providers can use TeleMedicine to assist in a number of medical fields including pediatrics, dermatology, neurology, behavioral, and more.

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Marketing by P&P

As with any business, no matter the industry, marketing and advertising are a vital component in attracting new and maintaining current customers, or in our case patients. A doctor’s office no different, and to keep that business going it needs a constant flow of patients entering and exiting its doors. If your company is looking to gain more patients and grow its profit margins, consider taking advantage of our customized marketing solutions for the medical profession. Increase the potential of your practice by entrusting the marketing of your services to those who know it best at P&P Medical Solutions.

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Empowerment by P&P

With P&P Medical Solutions' Empowerment program the daily operations of your practice can become more profitable and efficient. P&P is in touch with how successful businesses are built and run, combining our business background with experience in the medical field to deliver exceptional results!

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TeleCare by P&P

TeleCare by P&P allows patients and their caregivers to be connected through technology to deliver high quality, cost effective care that both patient and provider can appreciate. TeleCare is healthcare provided by a team of health care professionals and non-health care individuals and organizations. This care team takes a holistic approach to treat specific condition types and disorders.

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We are members of the ATA (American Telemedicine Association)