P & P Medical Solutions
We develop the next-generation health solutions that drive higher-quality care.

Direct Care

P&P Medical Solutions provides care and services directly to patients using our new premises and will be expanding these premises across the communities we serve. This is where patients can walk into our concierge services and schedule an appointment immediately to see one of our specialists.

The first visit can be ‘in person’ or face to face or via Telemedicine (Virtual Clinic) depending on patient needs and choice and then any aftercare will be seen via the Virtual Clinic. The patient still may need to come into our offices to be seen via Telemedicine but there will be a qualified Nurse/Healthcare professional onsite whilst patient gets consultations.

Some of the appointments can be seen from patients home but this will be dependent on patient choice and Physician/professionals expert opinion to effectively treat there patients. This will ensure we deliver the highest standard of care to our patients.

Patient focused. People centric.